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 2016 a New Year and New Challenge

Throughout 2015 the Wansbeck Valley Food Bank [WVFB] has been able to supply something like 7,000 day’s-worth of food to local residents.

And if that figure is difficult to grasp then imagine that for every day in the 2015 twenty people received a full days supply of food – and that’s 3 meals a day!

More recently – while many of us have warm memories of an almost unending deluge of festive food and delights it is to know some of our less fortunate neighbours might have other thoughts on this past season of abundance and good will.

Thankfully we hope that on the run up to and over the Christmas season we have gone some small way helping to relieve the anguish of some of those families in need. In the picture above you see just some of the meals destined for clients one day before Christmas

None of this could have been done without your help and generosity of food and funding but now a new and immediate challenge lies ahead.

Post Christmas is recognised as a time when cash-strapped families often run out of food as the bills begin to land. This is further compounded when people received benefit payment in advance before Christmas and they are left running out of money in January.

We are expecting this January to be a busy month.

Please help us fill the shelves. with meal helpers, soups, vegetables, fruits, tuna, meat, rice,  cereal, all of the foods that help make nutritious meals for families.

Linda Fugill is our Wansbeck Valley Food Bank project manager and can help you get started! 07841 908477 or

And remember your help will make a difference.

Meeting Urgent Need for Food


Who are we?

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank is a local charity set up to help prevent and relieve poverty or financial hardship by providing food with your help.

Where are we?

We operate out of several sites in the Wansbeck Valley Area of Northumberland. Please see the Distribution Centres page for details of locations and opening times.

What do we do?

We collect your generous donations and store non-perishable food to be able to issue food parcels to individuals in financial hardship who have been referred to us by one of our many referring professional organisations and individuals. The bags  provide food for a minimum of three days.

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Helping anyone in the Wansbeck Valley area with an emergency need for food.