Welcome and Who We Are

As the largest independent foodbank in Northumberland we take pride in helping to relieve the consequences of poverty or financial hardship by providing food to the hungry.

We believe that in our community no one should go hungry. However, we live in a far from ideal world where almost overnight life and wellbeing can so easily be disrupted and without realising many of us tread this fine line. 

We at Wansbeck Valley Food Bank are well familiar with stories that describe the journey from wellbeing to the despair of food poverty. And every story we hear resolves our number one priority to ensure clients have food for today and access to appropriate resources that lead to self-sufficiency tomorrow.

We remain absolutely and totally committed to relieving food poverty. In the previous 5 years we have been able to issue food valued in excess of £1m.

Today our doors remain open to those who have nowhere else to turn and it will be the same tomorrow and thereafter until the day food poverty hopefully becomes some distant memory.

These are challenging times but by working together – and in community – all things are possible. Thank you for your continuing support and generosity.

Progress Update

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Helping anyone in the Wansbeck Valley area with an emergency need for food.

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