Volunteer Applications

Volunteer applications – please note this procedure is in need of modification [30/05/2018]

  1. Potential volunteer makes contact with Foodbank
  2. Invited in for informal chat on type of opportunities interested in and time they can give
  3. Application form given out
  4. Application form received and references taken up by s Rowley
  5. Once references received invited in for induction
  6. Volunteer taken through induction (grey file in cream filing cabinet)
  7. Asked to sign confidentiality form/driver information form (if relevant Forms sent to S Rowley for filing
  8. Volunteer signs to agree training has been given (grey file)
  9. Contact details of volunteer sent to Mary Tomlinson who arranges rotas.
  10. New volunteers watch experienced volunteers until they feel comfortable to join rota
  11. Safeguarding policy need extending (see M Willis)
  12. DBS checks to start, drivers first
  13. L Fugill has a company in Hexham who is to do this