How many people use the food bank?

Throughout the past year Wansbeck Valley Food Bank [WVFB] has been able to supply something in excess of 13,000 day’s-worth of food to local residents.

And if that figure is difficult to grasp then imagine that every day last year, thirty-six people received a full days supply of food which adds up to almost 40,000 meals.!

And what’s more since January 2018 the increase in demand continues and currently we are on course to provide something like 50,000 meals this year

How many paid staff does the food bank have?

The food bank has been in operation  since 2013 and in all that time has operated on an entirely voluntary basis. However by 2018 the scale of our operation had grown to such an extent as to place unreasonable demands on core members of our management team.

To ease those burdens and to provide an effective and efficient service to our clients the trustees have take  the decision to employ a salaried administrator.

Is the food bank a national organisation?

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank is an independent  local charity set up to help prevent and relieve poverty or financial hardship. We   operate in association with local social services and other professional agencies.

What does the Food Bank do?

Wansbeck Valley Food Bank is a local charity set up to help prevent and relieve poverty or financial hardship by providing food with your help.